Friday, April 5, 2013

Editing Eyedeas

Spring hit my work table and literally I've been throwing shards of floral prints all over these resin pendants!  With these pendants, the flowers are actually like a lil' secret you keep to yourself, because of the way the bails are mounted on the back. But who couldn't use a secret boost through out the day... I'm still debating whether or not I'm going to slide some adjectives back there. 

For me, Necklaces have near dang cosmic powers. My personal collection of pendants spend much of their time doubling as worry stones as they do accessories.

Resin jewelry fills my inner desire to be a sort of Medieval magical sorcerer =) I put together my pendants slowly, choosing inclusions for the molds as well as the trim & paper backings.  Once everything's cast in that thick durable resin, they take on an air of indestructibility that really speaks to the part of me that wants to be both beautiful and untouchable. For the wearer, I hope they convey a mixture of confidence and whimsy.

On the home front, my Gent & I  are preparing the house not only for Spring, but for a visit from his Dad! We're truly fortunate because part of the point of the trip is to give us a hand with some home repairs we're in need of. He actually built his own home in Florida, and replaced our roof for us a couple of summer's ago, so his expertise is always welcome!  

I've been wanting to shape up the front of our house too, add some flower pots and some sort of new border for the "garden" area. My neighbor, has a full on garden. I have a desolate space where a scrub tree and an accidental hydrangea grows. So in my next post we will definitely be chit chatting about rocks, dirt and pretty petaled things =)

Any Advice from You Green  Thumbers? 

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