Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Refresher + Desperate Bids For Social Connections

Are you sick of hearing about how Spring is changing my life? Cause I'll probably be on this kick until at least Memorial Day Weekend ;)

Spring Cleanup around here 
has been smacking us around with
 every cleaning apparatus and garden tool in sight!
Inside and out our home is getting a
 once twice and three times over this year =)
 I'm pleased to say, 
I will shortly have some impressive 
before and after pictures 
of my little casa. 
My Gentlemanly Friend is quite the trooper when it comes to puttin' in labor =)

Speaking of pictures...
My next target for a revamp is this blog!
 I'm picking away slowly at it... for instance that banner is new.
 I'm not sure how I feel... being the designer of jewelry
 doesn't always make me the best graphic designer. 
Go figure.
 The black and white is a little stark... and the neon might be a little too trendy?
 I'll be swapping them out on a weekly basis
 til I find my Baby Bear Just Right one.
 I'm also trying to push what are commonly referred to as comfort zones. 
Cause I'm kind of Rapunzel 
when it comes to things I like. 
Very much up in the Tower of my Own Opinion, 
unable to let down my hair and just go with it.

I'd also like to get a lot more social with some of you!
 Like a lot of people hanging out in the Sunny Corners of the Interwebs,
 I get a lot more positive vibes from Bloglandia 
at large than I do on the day to day.
 I mean that gently; 
I'm a Customer Service Veteran (haaa) and I actually like people. 
But working with 
John & Jenny Q Publixx
 is sometimes like walking
 into the insane asylum
 prepared to teach Physics. 
You mean well,
  you know what you're doing
 but either way you're going to
 wear someone else's fecal matter. 

So here in Pleasantville with all of you,
 I appreciate the opportunities to be kind and receive it in return.

So yes there are some new badges alongside my posts this week;
 you can find them nestled below my followers listing =) 
But I'll post them right here as well!
 Please wherever is socially convenient for you- Reach Out and throw me a follow or a like.
 I recently read about a blogger who simply wanted to get together with other similiar bloggers in her own region; she ended up with an event that hundreds of people attended. It was a great reminder of what beautiful things are born here on the Web.

(*Em*, of **EmTalks** That part was definitely about you!)


Twitter will be soon to follow... in addition to household skills and yard work duties my Gentlemanly Friend is also going to send me an attractive little blue bird for my Twitter badge =) I'm looking forward to hearing more from you all =)

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