Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Creative Connections + Collaborations

Daylight savings seems to have arrived just in time for me
 because lately there aren't enough hours in the day! 

As I mentioned in my last post,
 all this winter I've been working with a friend
who also designs and creates her own jewelry. 
While we met almost 10 years ago, 
our mutual creativity only recently became something we bonded over. 
For me, its almost been a revelation.
 Jewelry making + crafts are something I've mostly kept to myself over. 
Since making it into a business venture, 
I've realized getting out there doesn't just mean publicity for my shop. 
It also means getting myself
 out there and around other 
Crafters + Creators to get inspired
and even more importantly
 to get challenged. 

For the first time
 I've been working on several different product lines all at once
in hopes of getting everything ready for Spring + Summer.

Normally I'd just
work on what I'd need for my Etsy shop. 
If I do a craft fair,
 I double up on fresher pieces.
However as of last Spring, 
I began selling my work in a brick and mortar store 
in the city of Kingston, NY, called The Art Riot.
 So now, with plans to do several street fairs this summer, 
a first time collaboration with my friend Kate,
 my own Etsy shop and the Art Riot
I've found myself spreading the creativity allll over.

Let's start with some collaboration pictures from 
A Destellar Eyedea:


The Bracelets are Available Here,
 in Kate's Shop: Destellar Eyedea Collaboration
The Spike Earrings are Available Here, 
in my shop: A Destellar Eyedea
The necklaces will be arriving shortly!

Hope the day you have is delicious in every sensory way possible!

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