Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clock's Go Back and So Do I

Somehow we've stumbled back to that time of year when the clock's roll back 
and the sun lingers just a weee bit longer in our day. 
 I'm a bit of a freak;  I couldn't be more excited. 
 Even sleep pales in comparison to the joy provided by more sunlight in my day.
 May or may not have that how SAD thing going on... 
no legitimately SAD stands for Seasonal Affectation Disorder. 
It boils down to: YOU  CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT SUN.
Sounds a bit much but I'd wager there's some truth in it ;) Not mention my Gentleman Friend and I spend a lot of time out doors in the warmer weather and I can't wait to get back to that!

 Several posts ago
 I introduced you to the brilliant mind
behind Destellar Design, Kate. 
We've been collaborating on a number of projects lately
 and I'm excited to be appearing alongside her
 this upcoming June at a local fine art craft fair.
 In light of that,
 a lot of thought and effort has gone into 
layout concepts and tent arrangements, 
as well as innovative and eye catching displays. 
I don't want to give away any of our secrets just yet 
but in the coming weeks I will be including some
inspirations for our color schematic and overall theme.
Think bold vibrant colors paired with beautifully distressed natural eleme

On the design front 
I've got some wonderful new pieces to show off.
 This last coupla' of months have been slightly more stressful than normal, but at the same time have yielded some excellent opportunities.

One of the upsides to collaborating with other like minded
jewelers? Kate's helped me add some vibrant new details to my spring stuff.
You've already probably figured out I'm a little obsessed with Coin Embellishments. But Kate help me discover some new little details I'd never considered before... Take a peek!
s/s 2013

Spikes... Colorful Chain... Turquoise... I almost can't decide which new components are my faves!
as always blog supporters get an awesome 25% off with the coupon code BENDYCINCO

now off to figure out how to add my instagram account to my blog! hopefully it will cut down on all the lag time between posts... and I say hopefully with as much optimism as hope can muster!

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