Saturday, January 26, 2013

a New Ad for Import Eyedea s/s 2013

like most handmakers, I'm in a habit of resorting to my own devices when in need.

Case in point, Valentine's Day ad. I'm not quite ready for Macy's Sunday spread so I try to be my own best ad by rocking my own work, at work. This generally leads to compliments. Which are fine if there isn't rent to pay but I live on actual earth and we have bills. 

Yes I've heard of business cards and I've even handed out a few. But nothing reads YOU NEED THIS in your life like a gorgeous post card or print ad. A glossy smooth surfaced freshly printed ad-ver-tis-ment. (Spoke like that Di-a-be-tus commercial guy). 

The operative would be to have these things as frequently as my work is new. You may remember "Loop for Joy" but alas she never even left the Picture folder on the lap top.

Hopefully this baby stands a better chance:

hopefully it prints like a dream and this is the best decision I ever made. i've never done 3 things: 1)issued a complete collection 2)titled a collection 3)attempted to advertise a collection

seeing as that I work in One Offs this could be a bit of a set up, but if I don't try to fail how am I gonna rack up all the failures that lead to success? at least that's what I tell myself and the mirror every morn'

Back tomo' with a deeper explanation on the inspiration and the legend!

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