Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spread A Lil' Cheer With Me

Pip & Ebby's recipe
Hot Cocoa Cookies, Pip & Ebby's
So last week was a bit of a whirlwind, although I believe many of you would agree that's par for the course this time of year. I'm pretty sure I dropped a pound or two running around (woo-hoo!), although whether it stays off remains to be seen.

 I pinned this lil' fellow yesterday
 from Pip & Ebby's blog and I think I may try the recipe out tonight. My baking skills are generally aided by a mix of some fashion, yet I'm fairly confident the simplicity of the instructions is something I can pull off. Let's hope my pictures come out as good too. (=
bead expo

Part of my whirlwind included a first trip ever to a Bead Expo, which fortunately for me came to Fishkill, NY, 20 minutes from where I live. Even more fortunately I recently got back in touch with a college friend who also opened her own Etsy shop ( You'll meet her in a moment! soon). She was a first timer as well, so we both were slightly unsure of what to expect.

And rightly so! If you've never been to a bead expo, and I'd wager you don't have to be an avid beader to enjoy it, the sheer volume of shiny, sparkly, pretty things is a tad overwhelming. Strands of freshwater pearls, crystals of every cut and facet, spools upon spools of chain- I'm lucky to have left with any money at all! However the prices were far more reasonable than retail stores and in some cases even online. All of the vendors I dealt with have websites as well...

I got some crazy deals on Leather Lace cord and magnetic clasps from Anne Dilker of MossHollowPottery, some gorgeous large hole crystals from Deb Huber of 

CleverTreasures and some sweet gold plated leverback earclutches from Rich Williams over at 

Off to work then knocking out some Christmas shopping...apparently not all my purchases are supposed to be bead related!

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