Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DeStellar Design

If I had a drum, you'd hear it rollin' 
but without further A'dieu.... 

I'd like you Ladies and Gents to meet
Kate, the head and hands behind 
DeStellar Design        

A long time creator, and recent Etsy shop owner, Kate's one of those people whose personal style deeply reflects her personality and perspective. A New York native, she balances the edge of urban fashion ever so playfully with the bohemian flow of a world traveler. Her jewelry represents a life spent passionately pursuing a path less traveled and her beautiful conclusions speak for themselves.

Check how her eclectic mix of colors, textures and layers plays with the eye and the imagination! And her leather bracelets are to die for... no really I wear mine every day =) 

DeStellar Design Necklaces

DeStellar Design Bracelets
DeStellar Design Bracelets

Happy Shoppin' Dolls!

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