Sunday, December 2, 2012

Spinning Pendant Update

So after a crazy hiatus from the beautiful world of You, I'm back! =)

But my absence was not without concerted effort in other directions...

namely a follow up on the Spinning Arrow Series I previewed in June. Here's a quick look at what should be hitting my (hypothetical) shelves this weekend.

Kind of goes without saying just in time for you know what... Let's not toy with each other =)
I will say if you're shooting for totally gorgeous novelty gift, I gotcha covered.

Managed to get the living room decorated yesterday... so I'll be posting pictures shortly. I feel as though however, more garland could be necessary (is there ever enough?). 

Now's a good time to ask a Crazy Cat Lady question... 

How much does having a kitty in your home affect your Christmas Decor purchases?

The answer in our home? Apparently not quite freakin' enough.

      As a first time kitty cohabitator (sorry I'm not a pet parent) I almost feel like I'm torturing her.     If you're not a cat person, you probably don't know that sparkly, crinkly things are pretty much the cat equivalent of cake. They can't say no. 

This morning has mostly consisted of her going on spy missions for what angle to best attack the tree from.

We call her Ninja! for a reason I suppose.

So I'm off now again! 
I've got a bunch of writing to do that I've been putting off
 ( You're not the only ones I neglect (= ). 
Despite what the news could tell you, I'm fortunate enough to be the friend of some amazing women who are unfazed by bleak, economic outlooks and forge ahead with their goals. Although the career fields range from medical to hospitality to entrepreneurship, their common trait is their unwillingness to accept failure.

 Exactly the kind of people I want to collaborate with.
 I'll be introducing some of them to you in fact in the months (or posts!) to come,
 as I attempt to expand this blog from my own narrow perspective a bit.
 =) I'm pretty excited. =)

Paso Doble Un Buen Dia... Yes... literally I want you to Tango with Today.

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