Saturday, November 10, 2012

Black Friday Thoughts + Preview

I'm a little older than I was last time we spoke.
 To be less clear,
 I celebrated the 7th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday yesterday. 
And although the elusive nature 
of this conversation might lead you to believe otherwise, 
I'm actually not in a straight panic regarding 
my Timeline's inevitable march
 towards 30. This upcoming year has
 so much to look forward to, its
 difficult to be anything except
 completely ecstatic.

Black Friday Gossip is everywhere, 
or is that just because I'm in a Retail related industry? 
I feel as though the chatter began a little earlier this year. 
I do know on the East Coast, 
we've been hearing some 
not so bright post Sandy news 

 That translates to not so available Door Buster items and Front Page top sellers that get shipped in from overseas. I'm not a super huge BF shopper-- Generally I have work that morning so I'm pretty sure I've only gone twice, ever. I know, I know. 

Black Friday could be big for us small timers though this year, 
and I've been working hard to 
increase my inventory to be ready.
 One of the challenges I'm finding I love/hate: creating cohesion. 
It wasn't until I really began listing items on Etsy
 that I began thinking of my pieces in relation to each other.
It sounds stupid but the approach I took to jewelry making
was never really very tactical. 
 While it could be perceived as a downside 
of not attending formal school for this particular subject
I feel like it forces me to get out there and simply learn from others.
In a way I've come to look forward to what I don't know and have to figure out.
That's kind of the interesting part.

So yes, yes here's a sample of some of what's coming to the shop in the coming 2 weeks. I told you I loved Monaco Blue and Gold and I wasn't kidding ;)


I'd like to print that and give it out next week at work with a coupon code. 
I'm not sure if these are cohesive enough together but for a first draft I think its ok. 
There still needs to be a separate card for the
spinning pendants and the resin stuff. 
I've got a lot of coin necklaces coming I'm really excited for.
 I'm hoping this weekend to get the rest of the spinning pendants I
 have finished mounted on necklines and photographed. 
But last night's festivities may have a delivered a tiny setback. 
But the joy of working from home is,
 the office isn't far from the bathroom, fridge or pajama pants. 
So I'll probably tough out an all nighter =) 
Minus the alcohol this time.

I would love to hear your feedback on this one.
 How would you feel if a friendly lil gal like me 
handed you a postcard sized ad much like this one 
with a smile and a pretty decent discount?
Is the variety in product, layout, words, font acceptable?
 Your thoughts, my pennies. Seriously =) 

article source: CNN Money. 
article: @CNNMoney 
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