Monday, October 29, 2012

Pre Apocolypsis: SuperStorm Sandy's on her way

So somehow living deep in the deciduous confines of the Hudson Valley qualifies us for Hurricane path status. No we're not city folk- Manhattan is a solid 1.5 hours from my front door. The sea gulls in this area get way laid from the Hudson River mostly- the water's actually salty as far North as the city of Newburgh, which is about 35 minutes South of here. 

But cartography lessons aside, I'm boring you with this because I may shortly be absent for unquantified chunks of time. All knowledgeable reports (and some hyperbolic ones) indicate Hurricane Sandy will wreak havoc on Power Grids from here to Virginia Beach and most likely it'll include us. The current conversation has 75 mph winds forecasted to blow in just before Devil's Night on Tuesday and if that isn't scary enough they're saying STOCK UP for at least 2 weeks if not 3.

Member that time when you were 14 and all you wanted to do was move out and have your own place? 

Stuff like this makes you wanna punch that 14 year old version of yourself in the nose and then hide under her  bed. 

All of a sudden the concept of having a roof over your head takes on a whole different 
meaning when there's certain potential for said roof to fly off and land down the street.

Yes, we have homeowners insurance, paid and up to date. However that's no small condolence when your slogging through piles of what used to be your stuff, wondering where you're even supposed to begin to file a claim. Cause its only your entire home that got lost.

Little dramatic? I know its coming on strong. But after seeing the devastation in places like Joplin, Missouri and even the Northeast after Irene I'm all too aware of how badly this could go. No matter how far we progress technologically, Mother Nature seems to have a way of proving her own point when she wants to.

 Nevermind we're a scant one year out from last year's disastrous storm. 
That one put me, the Gentleman and our tiny Kit on the road for higher and
 warmer ground when the snow paralyzed our electricity and our heat. We 
were fortunate enough to make it to the home of a relative who didn't lose power.
For now we're sticking it out together. Hurricane's mean very 
few options in terms of both shelter or travel. Where does one hide from 75 mph winds?

Take care of each other, in the interim, be grateful for what you got. Its cuddle time here at the Rockafeller, because everything else food, home and supplies are as prepped as they can be. 

If you don't hear from me, the cuddlefest continues, just without the assistance of Central Hudson elecetric. Or perhaps from under a tree. Send Skittles, blankets and good luck to us here in the Hud Valley, and the East Coast at large please. It sounds like we're  reeeeeaally going to need it.


  1. Good luck! Hang on to your roof!

  2. Thanks we ended up being alright! Lucky we arent closer to the city!


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