Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Deep Blue Something-Or-Others: Helloooo Monaco!

Bye Bye Tangerine Tango!   Pantone's 2013 Forecast trumpeted the awaited Huzzah this week, and the color formerly known as  blue is officially your brand new go to hue.

(i'm not gonna' apologize for that rhyme, i'm simply acknowledging its presence! )

Monaco Blue, a Deeply enticing shade of Azul  reads like the Love child of cerulean and navy, that delectable shade blue sapphires take on. And true to the Jewel Tones that have pervaded Fall's golden palette, Monaco compliments the richness of colors like saffron yellow and chocolate brown, while livening up Winter neutrals like silver, white and black.

Deep blue somethings have long been a staple of mine, from seed beads to faceted rounds.  I personally find I love it most with Chocolate Leather Lace & Silver Findings. Its also has endless unisex qualities, as well as dress up/dress down options ad infinitum.

Monaco blue lends itself to pretty much everything. 

I'm a big fan of pairing it with black leather & gunmetal, but one of the things time on the street has taught me is this: By far the one that puts jaws on tile the most:
Gold & Monaco Blue.

And for those of you in a state of curiosity, I find of all the color combos in my Ear Magic Arsenal, Gold & Blue remains the one color combo Men tend to get vocal about. I mean they notice and then verbalize their thoughts. 

There's an understated regality to it, 'spose. Just as there's a bit of a royal sensation when he's so compelled by something you have on, he has to say something. 

Some of the other colors Pantone dropped good words about?   Dusky blue... Perhaps like this? ok I softened the lighting. These are some of those Coin pendants I've been working on. And without their accoutrements, they seem a little naked.

Emerald green & grayed jade? They're perfect for my purposes! 
This picture definitely filing towards the interpretive side of those:

Aaaaaand they balanced out the blues with a smattering of warm tones like Poppy Red, Lemon Zest, Linen, African Violet and Nectarine

So how's the forecast treating you and your fashion plans? Do you venture out into unfamiliar trends or stay close to home with a few well chosen colors? (also I'm dying to know how you feel about my homegrown photos today!As always, your words, my manna from heaven.

Pony up.


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