Tuesday, September 25, 2012

F.12 + W.13 = Import Eyedea Ear Magic

I'm sure you've noticed the blogging communities penchant for word invention. If you wear more than one bracelet and call it a social function a certain Repeller of Men can legally come looking for you. She was smart and had that mess copyrighted. She also parlayed her blogging into a Blogging 101 on how to crash every aspect of the fashion world by way of Macbook and be a stunning success.

The power of the printed word is not to be trifled with. Hence, I give you Ear Magic, and ask that you seriously in the future 

consider popping that into your general vocab. 

You know how I love good verbage. Especially inventive verbage.

This stated to you also because I have designs on adding a few more vocab and literary pieces in the next few weeks. And because I really really care, I want to make sure this are words that won't just hang around your neck 
daintily.   Statement necklaces, are so, you know, used by other people. I want Proclamation Wear. So I'm delving into things like Ole' English fairy tales, nursery rhymes and other fables to see if I can't rewrite one that behooves us modern ladies. Think Kristin Stewart Warrior Princess in Snow White vs Charlize Theron. Except without all that Vamp Drama. *wrinkles nose* I don't do Vamp drama.

So tell me a tale about yourselves? What would you want summed up about yourself? Adjectives? Pronouns? Titles? 

Stay tuned for protective amulets and other such neckware. The segue in between? Ear Magic and Also, introducing some Bauble like rings. Very very bauble. haven't hit the website yet, but hopefully by the end of October they'll be a go!

I also am projecting adorable little post card style adds for this holiday season... like the one above with the Leather Loop Earrings. Maybe with a lil promo code on the back? Maybe a leeeetle beeeeety discount for my loyal lovelies like yourselves?

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  1. great blog, great style!
    do u want follow each other?



  2. Aww you're so sweet! Yes definitely I'll follow you! Your blog is bellissima! =)


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