Friday, October 12, 2012

Lighting Studies

Riddle me this my darlings... 
                          how's the lighting in here? 


I'm a jewelry-ish designer- we say that lightly so as not to offend those actually making a living from said profession. I ain't much of a photographer. Gratefully nodding towards a variety of photo editing programs, I still question the end product of my endeavors. 

While I won't call it negative feedback, my early days on Etsy yielded the opinion I need to scale back the staging of my photos. So I switched to the mostly white cloth with glass technique. Effective, but look at all the variation! You'd think I was using several types of cloths, or several different windows. You'd be wrong. Soon I'd like to start printing promotional coupons/postcards, and these little details may prove to be a steep learning curve.

So this is kiiiiiind of where you come in. I'd love to hear your Likes, dislikes? Do's or Don'ts? I'm all ears, because Its your Beee-au-ti-ful Eyes I'd like to impress. also I know some of you out there take a mean photo. If you'd like to refer to the pix up top, just use the number below each picture. 

Thanks in Advance, I can feel the magic brewing in your brain from here =)

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