Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Wind Down: Odd Ends & Origins

Bowdin Park, Wappinger NY


*sips white zin, nods* Its a good nite isn't it?  If you happen to live in the Hudson Valley, the weather is pretty pleasant and was most of the weekend. 

Cleaned up around the house and knocked out a coupla' loads of laundry. Also I got my work room somewhat back in shape--- 
Do you find that the more work you accomplish, the more your space says Disaster Relief Center? My Lab, as I like to call it, appears as though I've employed a team of 5 year olds to knock out the labor intensive stuff. When I work, I'm a bit of a dervish.

The Lab I Call My Own!

 Lately there's been many irons in my fire...okay I say "Lately" as though its not a way of life.

I'm that person that's forever saying What If We Made/Saw/Built... 

its nearly a sickness! That's how I got my start and that's part of the reason Eyedea worked its way into my moniker. 

Ideas or Eyedeas, from my perspective,And I want to try them all.I literally see things and get so excited and inspired I cannot shut up. Politics, Nature, History, Fashion- the world fascinates me. I'm always a little in thrall of the idea of creating something new and amazing.

My Eyedeas definitely fuel the fire that gets me out of bed in the morning. But at the same time they'd never be possible without the amazing + astounding things I see others make possible. So one of the reasons I chose Import, was because so much of who I am, I have "Imported" along the way. 

*Speaking of inspiration* ... I'd love to pick your brains about yours!

Marlene Dietrich

Lately I've been examining what truly inspires me, not only on a daily basis, but what really created the catalyst behind wanting this (gesticulates wildly to Internet at large) vs that (gesticulates at open window, towards street).  

I'd also like to make it an opportunity to get to know each other better =)

So rustle up some thoughts on everything and anything that keeps your Passion- it can be the smallest object, to the most exciting event.
Tell Siri to schedule us a date for this week. Call it "Moment with Muses" and please be aware for some of us, this may involve showtunes

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