Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Righteousness

In all honesty Darlin' Sunshines, the title of this blog post was simply supposed to be Friday Lovelies.

But then I found out Aimee Mann has a new album coming out, my Jango produced the most accurate musical depiction of my childhood ever, and I just saw house entirely covered by mosaic tiles on the inside. Picture, frames, bowls of fruit (fruit also tiled), floors, tubs, dishwasher etc. I love the Travel Channel =)

And it reminded me that this is a Righteous World we are living in! 

This    week     alone     We super spy style crept to the woods for a late nite Fireworks Adventure! I learned a new way to eat watermelon! a delicious + simple recipe for fresh made corn salsa!  The Gentleman and I cuddled up to an excellent movie! And I found a slammin' new perfume!

Not sure how you feel about Beyonce, but I've been a fan since it was about bein' Independent on the beach in camo =) She's always inspired me with her fearless style choices but I never checked out her perfume before this passed week. And I'm quite happy. My way of explaining it? Cotton Candy, but for grown ups. Like without that annoying saccharine thing =)

You. Must. Investigate. The. Salsa. Link.Above. I am punctuating, italicizing and bolding for a reason here people. Young Broke and Marvelous is my fave new go to blog. She posts about everything, with pictures that will make your little jaws  bounce off your knee caps. Its worth the very temporary discomfort. trust me.

As for learning how to eat watermelon... let's just say I work in a place with people from a lot of different cultures.(read: an Italian restaurant)... So my dear darling coworker + bestie was kind enough to bring us watermelon earlier this week in an effort to stay cool! Upon trying a piece, another co-worker remarked, "Whaa, no lemon, no salt?" To which we responded "Huh? Why would we salt watermelon?!?!"

Turns out Miguel is very right. Although I've yet to test this method out on melons other than the Water variety (Cantalope, honeydew, etc), apparently in Mexico, things like salt, lemon, lime, and chile pepper are added to chunks of fruit. And believer it or not, the depth it adds to the flavor of the fruit is amazing!

4 Easy Steps:

1) Cut watermelon into biteable chunks and lemon into wedges =)

2) Sprinkle a pinch of salt onto the watermelon chunk.

3) Squeeze a pinch of lemon juice onto watermelon chunk.

4) Bite and enjoy!

Go jump in a puddle of sunshine while you're at it =) It works wonders on grumpiness, boredom and general apathy. =) If you're the excitable type, grab someone else and throw them in too! Have a great weekend =)

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  1. Wow, thanks for the complements!! Your kindness is appreciated and inspiring!

    Now you've got me craving salted watermelon with lemon!

  2. You're quite welcome! Your blog is a major source of inspiration to me =) can't wait for your next recipe!


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