Friday, August 10, 2012

MidNite Quickie = Friday Preview

literally, just a preview of tomorrow's hopeful additions to the Shop! And I'm going to attempt to participate in my first Link Up as well! You'll see all about it if you promise to be good little girls have great faith in me to get my tukas together to knock it all out before my double tomorrow =) But in its own sick way, working online evens me out, so that when I do report for duty, I'm somewhat excited.

So earrings first! Which may look pair was the Giveway Fail from a coupla' weeks ago ahaha. 

And I've been workin' through a stash of bottle caps and heart charms I made and then stockpiled. 

See ya in a coupla hours!


  1. Hi lovely! Just wanted to be sure I stopped by to say so glad you dropped in on the fantasy porch party last week ... it was a pleasure! Hope your new week is off to a great start! ~Sandy

    SANDY M Illustration

  2. Awww you are too sweet! Thanks so much, I really enjoyed your porch party!


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