Sunday, August 5, 2012

Holiday Road!

Home safe and sound from our little road trip to Pennsylvania. I say little, like we didn't drive through Mountainous detours (Delaware Water Gap anyone?), crazoid construction, unpredictable wildlife and general human error (that would be you, Sir in the Ford, with the blinker on, not changing lanes). Luckily my Gentlemanly Friend is a master driver, and our old room mate whom I'll dub Roomie, navigated, so I mostly tried to watch out for deer and exit signs. 

Ever since 3 years ago when we saw an awesome theme park on the Travel Channel, and decided to make it our vacation spot, we've been plottin' our trips around G Force and Vert Drops.  We've hit up quite a number of them since and I hafta' say its the best combination of adrenaline and relaxation for me. What's relaxing about a roller coaster you might ask? Walking away, limbs intact haha

That 1st year We happened to be headed to Ohio for a wedding, and figured, hey what's an extra 3 hours through the corn fields to get to some of the greatest coasters/water slides in the country. Actually we said "That looks cool let's go there", and then found out that you get there after 3 hours of Corn that looked like this : 

Also because we are New Yorkers I'm interjecting here I was also quite impressed by the Loyalty of Ohio...our Honda was a lonely little Asian car in a Highway packed with Chevys, Cadillacs, Dodges and Fords.  I've heard rumors of this, but where we live, there's a lot of every kind of car. 

We also wondered aloud every ten minutes or so, how a ginormous theme park like Cedar Point couldn't be seen for miles around over all that corn. Believe it or not Sandusky, Ohio, on the edge of Lake Erie (uh, hey Canada) has not one but two fab vacation destinations. (Yep, Fab.) Cedar Point and Kalahari Resorts.

Cedar Point is for you crazy, thrill seekers. It has these: 

Which are 2 of the tallest, fastest rides in the country:
 Millennium Force & Top Thrill Dragster

It also has something called Possessed which despite its simple design was quite possibly one of the most disturbing rides I've ever been on. 

Kalahari Resorts is this crazy indoor larger than life waterpark with a Zip Coaster, a ginormous Toilet bowl ride (not a joke, although no urine or fecal matter is involved), Wave pool, awesome tubes and an a really romantic waterfall hot tub with a swim up bar. Now that I'm done sounding like your travel agent, have a look:

ok the reeeeeally funny thing is these pictures are from 3 summer's ago. I'm really really behind on my uploads.

Pix of me and a Hershey's Symphony bar next up! Not to mention Rides like Sky Rush and Giant Bear!

Also, for those of you Coaster inclined, Help Settle the Debate! 

Front of the Ride or Back of the Ride?

Full discuss next time, but feel free to start now! =) 


  1. How fun!!! My Husband is from PA! However last time I went the only "amusement park" I went to was at Hershey!

  2. Did you check out the rides or just the factory? We did just the rides but I'd like to go back and check out more choco-stuff and also their waterpark! You have to ask your husband for me if PA always has that much construction ahaha!

  3. Glad you had a fun trip!

    I've been to Cedar Point... but I was too young to remember - and therefor too young to ride anything. But I still love roller coasters :D

    I like the front because of the view. Especially on the really tall ones.

    1. I'm a baby I hafta close my eyes if I can see in the front! The first 30 secs to a minute I freak out and then I love it. I usually try to hang to the back where its faster =)

  4. this trip seems amazing!
    great post! :)

    1. Thannks! Your blog is to die for! You guys did a great job!

  5. sounds like a great trip!

    Thank you for visiting Blush and your lovely comment!


    1. Your welcome, still can't get over those shoes ;)


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