Monday, July 30, 2012

Good News + Bountiful Inspiration

  *Dadadadadada da dummmmm* (that's the Eyedea version of a drum roll!)  Got my first check from the Art Riot Shop last week! Which means I made my first official Brick and Mortar sales in June. So that's kind of an exciting milestone for me. Although I've done craft fairs and flea market and my Etsy shop has made a handful of sales, I wasn't quite sure if my work was ready for a more traditional sales venue. Its also my first sale sans any real literature on my work or my shiny lil' face to tell you about it

*Running Man Dance* 

Ok sorry I'm bragging. I'm generally a jerk when excited though, =) its that whole foot in mouth disease I've got.

You also may wonder why I'm announcing this at the end of July and I'll be honest its for a coupla' reasons.  For starters, the Gentleman and I share one vehicle and it happens to be a lease. Seeing as my job is the one that requires a car in the first place, I feel a tad bit more responsible for the mileage. The Art Riot Shop is a 60 mile  round trip, so I don't head up that way much, mostly cause we're getting down to the end of the lease. Wish that was a little different, but can't win them all. Hopefully soon we will be purchasing a second vehicle, preferably with 4 wheel drive!
Ok. are you ready? Because the Artists I'm about to share with you are insane. Crazy. the Type of Brilliance that gives you that American Beauty ala Paper Bag moment.

Etsy once again delivered me of two amazing Artists whose work blew my mind over the weekend. 

The first is Daniel Lai, whose shop Kenjio features sculptures made from clay and books? Sound run of the mill? Feast your eyes on this!

The second is artist is Cheryl Sorg. Her finely detailed portraits embody the spirit of an age that's about all of our finer details and how we celebrate them. Visit her shop here, Cheryl Sorg  and check out these unreal works of art!

Happy Monday Darlings! Get out there and piss off all those Grumpy post weekend people =)


  1. Congrats on the sales!!!

    Great artwork too, I especially love the ones by Cheryl Sorg. I can totally see that thumbprint on my wall. If it wasn't so expensive... yesh!


  2. Aww thanks!

    The thumbprint thing blows mind + bank acct =) Something to aspire to when this success thing takes off.

    If you like da' print, There's another jewelry artist that specializes in taking casts of finger prints and then putting them on sterling silver pendants. They even do pet paw prints! I'll scavenger up the name for ya'


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