Friday, July 27, 2012

New banner for the Shop

Before I toddle off to the mines, I just wanna' show ya something. =)

Finally got around to redoing the banner on my Etsy site. But I would L-uh-vvvve to know how it looks to you Gentle Reader =) I think the smart thing to do is pick a day and knock out five or six of them to keep on file so I can change them when I'm bored. I do know I despise photo editing enough to not have any interest in doing this on the regular. Which since I can't afford a photograph means I only have to do it indefinitely. 

Also I need to get my conch earring studs on the Webby as well. I kinda' forget that I'm wearing them but people have begun asking about them. Apparently there are magnetic ones? I may need to start dipping them in resin for preservation.

So that be's the final product. Hopefully my attempt to blog from my phone later is successful! 
 If you're bored at work today, have a lil' looksee at these amazingly talented women who totally inspired me to investigate how to create my own rubber molds =) 

Toujours mi amorcitos, don't forget to fall in love with the world while you're out there

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