Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Important Life Lessons + The Next Best Thing

Laugh out Loud.

One thing you'll learn pretty quickly about me is when I fall one my face, I tend to do it while laughing hysterically. Its the only way to brush it off and move on (ie, everything else I've tried leaves me postal).   So when I started to get upset about the lack of interest in my Giveaway, I tried to pull myself out by remembering, its not my style to pout. something's just don't do whatcha want 'em to.

My Gentleman Friend also reminded me that sometimes giving it up for free just doesn't cut it. So another way to think of this is to focus on what I can learn about other people, instead of thinking, umm I suck? 

Ahaha, ok that's as close as I intend to come to whining at you Beautiful Ones =)

Besides, my Next Best Thing? Copping some business cards (ahem, finally)

So this is what they look like...

Vista print, not the freebie one, but not the one I customized gorgeously either. I hadn't realized they charge an additional $5 for each uploaded image. Ooops. So this one is on hold, because in all honesty I'm not sure how long its going to take me to lose 250 of those somewhere.

This one I'll probably try to roll out right before the Holiday season starts. Its definitely my first choice but I saved twenty bucks ( from $48 and change for pretty pretty ones)  I also want them printed Glossy, since my classy photogs are on there.

Anyone have any experience with printing images on business cards? I'd love to know how good the quality of the pictures is considering how small the cards are.

In other news, people with flesh eating bacteria are on the mend and men are catching children as they fall from windows. What could be more optimistic than that?

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