Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hey Hey, Jewelry Giveaway

Ugh, summer.  almost Never is the time I put the A/C before noon. Because a) I actually like a little sweat and b) because its a point of personal pride?  I can take a little heat.  Or I work near 3 Five hundred degree ovens on the regular and its a job requirement.

This AM no dice. Even the cat's chicken tuna breakfast feast had to wait until I at least cranked the ole' Cold box up to 71.

Ahhh, sweet relief.

ok ok now that we're done with the grossness, this friendly little post is a reminder that therse's a GIVEAWAY going on... namely these little suckers....                                        

the deets:
These were Handmade,by me (obv, unless you're new around here...which I love! ) with my favorite beads. =) The leather loops are strung with Smoky Grey pear drops and a set of 4 faceted metallic beads. In between the lever back ear wire and the leather I hung several sizes of silver plated jump rings for added swing and length. Lever backs mean extra security so you're not the one losing an earring everytime a good song comes on =)
How to Get them???

1) make sure we're blogged up together like the mob
    (read: Follow my blog. Even though its a Giveaway, I'll prolly give you the ole' follow  

2) head on over to

3) Leave a comment here and tell me what your favorite shop item is!

Giveaway Ends Tuuuuesssday 7/17 @ Midnight ... although I'm not gonna' beat around the bush, it looks like one of you could wrap this one up pretty quickly!

ok off to snap some more pictures...and also to select next week's freebie =) You didn't think I was going to stop at just earrings didya?

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