Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Giveaway Numero One

Darlings and doodlebugs, as promised (3 weeks ago?) some newness, to dangle from your ears! 

The texture thing that's been going around gets me all hot and bothered, and justifiably so. How can you not love something that sparkles and makes you look like a Valkyrie at the same time?  (Trick question, you can't). Google "Warrior Princess" right now and tell me that swirl bra chest plate isn't to drop panties for.             

Back to the matter at hand: You & Free. Because I like those words together, I made you these earrings. And I reeeeally don't wanna charge you for them. Aaaaaand I'm going to facilitate the entire process by telling you that for the low, low price of Nothing, these bad boys could find a very comfortable home on Your Lobes!
                      1st Ever Earring Giveaway!

how to enter:

1) make sure we're blogged up together like the mob
    (read: Follow my blog. Even though its a Giveaway, I'll prolly give you the ole' follow    

2) head on over to ImportEyedea.etsy.com

3) Leave me a comment here and tell me which of my pendants or earrings was your fave =)

Let's say One Week From Now... 7/17 I'll randomly select a winner. By "I" I mean I'm pretty sure there's software for that ;)

Spread the word! You never know when a good deed will pay you back. Although its usually before deadbeat friends =)

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