Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life's Velvet Wrapped Surprises

So I'd like not to be a braggart 'cause a) its icky, but also b) I like you! and I'm not here to make you feel like crap ... in the subtlest guster I can muster.... We're Engaged!

In typical Gentlemanly Friend fashion, he caught me totally off guard, with a heart felt, and truly genuine proposal. And the ring is perfection, its exactly what I told him I wanted. He's reeeeeally good at stuff like that. like not, oh this is what girls like, I'll get this. But this is what my girl likes. 

 In so many ways I am fortunate beyond measure and as shallow and ineffectual of a measure as it may be, I cannot help but be reminded when I look at my left hand now.

Gosh, I'm gonna hafta stop calling him my Gentleman Friend huh? 

Here's a snapshot of us, on the side of a mountain, where sometimes I think we really are in our natural state of being =) Truthfully, I'd follow him anywhere. He's that good.

Okay, okay, so are you guys ready to help plan a wedding and fix up a house? Because we can't ever do anything simply we're going to try to do both at the same time. I have great faith, in both our tenacity and our resiliency to get us through.

At the very least, we're going to be laughing our asses along the way. Its pretty much what's gotten us through my chaotic job, one crazy roommate, 4 road trips, 2 amaaazing vacations, quitting smoking and the perils of starting a business from home. He does a ridiculous Jim Carey impression and he never fails to make me laugh, whether I'm ready to or not!

Leave your brilliant eyedeas for my future decor (nuptials, home or otherwise) and stay tuned. I'm going to be back shortly, with evidence of why I never, ever post to this blog regularly. Also, I'm going to bribe you with a lot of free stuff. Like a lot. 

Might I suggest leaping about playfully today? If anyone, asks tell 'em yer don't have to tell them what =)

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