Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Unleash the Inner Flow' Rida

Like that? How I add the hip hop to the gardening, so its all awkward? I'm sure the gentleman who is Flo'Rida appreciates my effort.   

But really, but really, this week is all about the Flowers that I want to use in and around my casa to freshen things up. On the outside, our home is tan and beige, so I'm really looking for a unique color combo that will liven things up without making us appear delusional.

On the inside, things are clean & classic, with a slight Seventies vibe. By clean and classic, I mean most of the walls are the definition of nuetral...by seventies I mean, mirrors, orange stuff and colonial Spanish fixtures. Yessir. Scarface may in fact have dined at my home.

Not my real bathroom but something very similar

Really the only contention I have on the inside, is keeping the peace between potential flora and current Feline... my Ninja! has been known to wage war on things with petals. Luckily there are hooks (and a little DIY creativity!) for that!

So let's have a look... for the Yard:


Lovey Dovey for this combo both because I'm a huge fan of orange and purple together but also the contrast in flower shapes gives it a quirky yet complete feel. Like instead of a flower arrangement, I'm looking at a composed piece of work... if I were on the Reality Fashion show of the moment I would say "It tells a stoooooooory".

Not so much maybe on the Glass? Although if I could hang that...

Next up, clean manicuring + a foot bridge = forgiveness for traditional color schematic
...yup I'm a critic


But I seriously do love the layout! And also the fence makes it surprisingly intimate, instead of just feeling small.

Here's a spectac example of how to economize space and add color in one attractively fell swoop!


and not mention have an adorable garden in the process! Oh Martha, you get me everytime

Alrighteee lovebugs, off to the Ovens for meeeee! I can't complain because tonight is my first nite back at Zumba after a coupla weeks off and I cannot wait! Luhfff to you and yerrrs! Tomorrow I shall return with more ideas for Inner Flow'Rida perfection-- stay tuned!


  1. I love your inspiration ideas! I've always wanted to plant some flowers and use as decoration, but our landlord won't let us. So I've already thought of some cool ideas for when we buy a house! I think gardens are so pretty and it's fun to mix the types of flowers! Great post girl! <3


  2. lol we should blog about how crazy landlords are! mine's a nut for trees! We're not allowed to cut any down on pain of death! Thanks for stopping by =)


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