Monday, June 11, 2012

Fortunate Estate Sale Hunter + Giveaway Announcement (maybe!)

So all my mental magic lamp rubbing finally yielded wildly unusual but useful results. By unusual I mean I know somebody in the process of cleaning out the home of a deceased rich person. The deceased is not a relation (to either me or said caretaker of home) and that is important to the tale because everything in the house is up for grabs. 

Bottom line: New leather couch and recliner will shortly be revamping our living room. Also a new screen door. (to Replace the one we don't currently have.)  Also, you know, like a coupla' hundred dollars worth of jewelry supplies. 

Right? Its okay, I kinda' wanna punch myself. 

So in honor of these wonderfully fortunate turn of events, let's pass some perks on to you, darling readers, the majority of you I'm sure are Passengers on the Blog Train!

Of course I'd like to drape you in the finest wares available and by available I mean the shit I make with my hands. So I'm gonna whip you up something custom and super special just to show you how much I care. I'll probably even add the something from the gorgeous treasure trove of crystals just gifted to me.

 It's all love here people and the good news is its going around.

Your current instructions? Peel your eyeballs this week and stay tuned for the deets on how to get acquainted with me so you enter the runnings! Also, if you've got something you'd like to see featured as the Giveaway prize, lemme know. And maybe I dunno if yer Eyedea is good enough, there'll be a reward for that too!

okay, Stanley Cup issues right now....gotta get all West Coast for the Kings. Sorry Dirty Jerzzzz, but I'd love to see your eminent demise.

Take Care of Yourselves, because Home Health Care charges by the hour.


  1. Thank you Hun for visiting Blush!

    Jewelry pieces are beautiful, great work.


  2. Hi lady! I have been loving your blog and jewelry. I received a Liebster blog award (I had to google what it was haha) and once you get it you pass it on to three blogs you enjoy and link them on your own blog. You crack me up and are crazy talented so I definitely wanted to include you. It's up to you whether you want to carry it on though, so no pressure! Have a great evening :)

    1. Wow Thank You So Much Jenn!!! This really is one of the kindest most flattering things that's happened to me in my blog journey so far and I'm thrilled you like my blog! I will definitely pass this along-- its too great of a feeling to keep to myself!


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