Thursday, June 14, 2012

Leapin' Liebsters!

So right before your very eyes Ladies and Gents, an outright feat of magic was performed! This ordinary Thursday (a day I generally gnash major teeth at), one Miss Jenn of Create More Light selected me as a recipient of the Liebster Blog Award! Voila! Just like that, a better version of Thursday appeared out of the hat (which is fine, because pulling out a rabbit would've really freaked out my cat)

Jenn is a Mixed Media artist and her blog is a kaleidoscope of gorgeous photography and vividly colored collages.  With a title like Create More Light, her blog literally jumped off the Blog Train and into my Google Reader =) Who doesn't want to create light with their work?

And just what Liebster Blog Award you might ask? Although it appears to hail from Origins Unknown, The Liebster passes from respected blogger to respected blogger as kind of a pat on the back, pay it forward Interweb handshake. A way to say, "You Rock, and I think others should know that!".

That's because once you receive it, you in turn pass it along to several (I'm getting a variety of numbers on this) other bloggers you feel are deserving. The criteria, I believe, is that its reserved for the Up and Comers =) (((those with less of a following )))

So meet my Liebsters... the ones I'm so grateful to turn to when I feel my blog training wheels get stuck in the Interweb slop. 

The Love Hanger, via Toni, who puts together brilliant outfits for girls who live in real time but still wanna' look like a Mill. Also her down to earth posts are the opposite of pointy headed fashion lectures from Devil Wears Prada types. That's extra points right there.

Nina Mia's DIY, courtesy of Nina, who's DIY prowess inspires me to think a little more outside the box. Check out her eclectic mix of fashion and houseware DIY ideas. I'm on the hunt for interesting glasses to  paint after her last post!

Air To My Earth, a la Jaime-Maree,  a jewelry designer from Australia. Her blog is full of designers and things I'm sure are more germane to the South Side... of the Equatorial line. Soak up the international allure and get a jump on everyone else still looking to Paris for the nextbigthing

What I really love about this? I never saw it coming. And that's so indicative of the internet ( and our subsequent love thereof), because at given moment your newest favorite thing, or your next obsession, or maybe even just an unexpected pick me up is only a click away.

Aaaand  don't think I've forgotten the bespoke promise of a freebie. Give me 48 hours, and I swear glamour is all yours.

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