Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heat Wave, Brain Rot, and New Jewels

Huzzah! If yer anything like me and don't mind a little frizz in return for pit drenching humidity and the penultimate tan, last week held bountiful pleasures for us both! Noxiously high temps, and unbesmirched blue skies yielded crispy outer coatings and a local run on  lace trimmed parasols. Not to mention NYS school slammed its doors shut for the season, dumping copious quantities of sweat laden, ruddy cheeked faces all over the streets of our town. So drive slow and shit. Children make terrible hood ornaments.

So obv, I cannot be expected to work in such conditions.  Lie. Really the reverse is the truth (Hence the Brain rot), and I threw it into hyper drive with a new set of pendants, even though technically the last batch wasn't quiiiiite exactly finito. Oops. In an unexpected turn, I'm dancing a new step, a little something you professionals may refer to as co-he-sion.  I'll be honest, its never been my strong point. But with so many pieces out in the open at once, its hard not to visualize a bigger picture.

And speaking of pictures, I'll have some ASAPs. Howev, tomorrow I head to the Lake with Gentleman Friend plus the other 2 of my most favorites. So think beautifully inspiring thoughts until I get back k?

Or seeing as its Sunday, get thee to a place of water/fun/thrills/mischief. When you get there, tell 'em I sent you and if that doesn't get you in for free, there's always Mr. Lincoln =)
Parasol time!


Head on over to the link on the third picture for Vintage Dancer and check out the cool tutorial on how to make your own parasol! 

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