Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Laissez Moi

gorgeous morning, so I'm trying to just casually do some chores. There's a tag sale outside and I'm exercising all of my self control not to go ravage.

Really my focus right now needs to be on getting my yard prepped for mulch and flowers. Its becoming a drawn out project because of the weather and money (Do they ever not get in my way). So whatev, today probably buying Weed Killer and hopefully by Thursday-ish I'll be ready.

My Gentlemanly Friend has been on the home fix up tip lately too which is great...because there's a lot to fix! We're also looking at cheapie solutions to our 1979 trailer's stylin' problems... orange floors, mirrors and a lotsa' woodgrain in various colors and implementations. 

Found a pretty sweet bathroom vanity in a dark cherry for $89 yesterday....

Fairmont Designs Vanity Set

Not that exact design but similar. Very important bc when you have old everything one or two modern adjustments make all the difference. Plus, if I can ditch the huge vanity thats in there now...bigger bathroom. Always a plus.

He did cop a new rug though, and it looks sweet. He has a good eye and I appreciate living with the benefits. Hopefully I'll get some pictures up this week of our finished product. My living area is curtains away from completion! (Well except the details...we always need more details)

In other news... just gonna' enjoy this day =) Long week ahead, a batch of new pendants to work on and possibly a anklet testing program is in the works!

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