Saturday, March 17, 2012

Snakes on St Pats?

Tis in fact part of the reason you're all out copiously consuming Guiness believe it or not? For the Patron Saint of Ireland banished all the Snakes from Ireland according to legend, and brought Christianity to the pagans by using the clover to demonstrate the Holy Trinity (Thanks Wiki-Brain). He also may or may not have been the historical melding of two people for the sake of making it sound good. Ah good ole' pass it round the fire history.

Slithering back to the matter at hand though, this blurb of English actually precedes a highlight of some wicked serpentine motifs I've seen popping up lately. Most notably Lanvin dresses! (Did I just do that? Name drop like I wear designer things? Cause I don't really do either one of those things) but I'll show you things we can afford too since this is supposed to be about my real life.

Like this:

Vintage Snake bracelet
source: MorningGloryAntiques

or if you are not planning on having plans or things to do, this would do well on your digits:

Snake Nail Ring

Futuristic Snake Bangle with Concealed Hinge 

Bronze Garter Snake Necklace, available in custom finish
and because I like a snake with good protective instincts:
layers of chain plus Gold snakes plus red jewels.


oh yea and before Iforget to name drop again: this:


I'm pretty sure in Vogue, the ad that runs has actual snakes. But you get the idea.

So yes, yes consider this my fashionably odd way of wishing you a Safe, Happy, booze soaked, Cab ride home type St. Patricks Day. If you like it that way.
 My mom is Irish and I ate a lot of potatoes growing up. You'd think the first half of that sentence would be my source of heritage but you'd be wrong. I'm adopted. and only Irish by association. Although I suppose genetic blending with my Wise Man (who is befreckled and blue eyed like a true lad o' the Emerald Isle) will eventually put some Irish DNA in my system...
Oh! You heard it first, the tackiest possible St Pat's joke here! Luhffff & Luck to You All! 

also. I lied last time and said I'd post again this time, I'll see ya when I see ya'! Keep the balls in your head peeled for another meeting with Stephen the model!

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