Monday, March 26, 2012

Imported Eyedea's for Someone Who Always Has Something to Say

Hey Raed Raeder! Are you a loudmouth, or do you know one?
If you don't, Can I be your One?
If anything, way over qualified here.
I've got lungs full of air, and an undiagnosed case of ADD that would confuse even the most talented of Multi-taskers.  Aaaand let's just ice this cake with the fact that I am among other glorious things a New Yorker. So I don't really talk so much as the thoughts race out of my brain like verbal Nascar.

Somewhere between working in a library and falling all kindsa in love with the English language and spending years drooling over the wildly colorful paintings of artists both famous and not (Frida for life), the idea for these pendants came about. I so badly want to show people what it is about both color and verbage that gets me all hot and kerfluffled. (Real word, true story). 

They're also  inspired by a lifetime's worth of people telling me I talk entirely too dang much. Which isn't exactly a lie. 

The stunning fruit of my Mental Loins: said Import Eyedea Word Pendants below       

Ambitious Mastermind
Lady Assassin 

Accessory to the Crime

Working on a new batch perpetually so let a girl know how ya' feel about it. Great thanks and please enjoy the rest of your day!

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