Monday, January 9, 2012

Imported Eyedeas on The True Beauty of the Internet

a k a  I got my first sale cold market style!

So excited for this you can't even know! And it was a 2'fer meaning I made double my money for half the work.

Ok let's rehash that for a moment. By "work", I mean two things. I mean all the time I spent losing sleep, contacts and years off my life working on the ole' I/E etsy page. Lawd help this chile when it comes time for a real web page that doesn't have a preset everything. 

I also mean I was tonsils to the world when my endearing Gentleman friend attempted to rouse me and alert me to the fact that the Internet as a sales person/cash register was in fact working in my favor for the very first time!!!

I'll admit, sleep won and I was less than impressed at the time.

Now I am a small chihuahua skittering around the house, yipping and jumping ass end first over things. I would video, but it doesn't bode well for technology when I'm like this.

Ok boxes of some useful fashion, DJ stint in the Village and back here for more Vday work.

*Slaps Today on the Rear* That's what I like to see in a Monday

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