Sunday, January 15, 2012

Imported Eyedea: LoveUnited Coupon & One Month Til Valentine's Day

Seeing as that love shall be blossoming on your doorstep in less than a calendar month,
I'll give you what you want real quickly and we'll just go on the honor system that you read this entire post. I trust you, pinkie swear.

20% Coupon Code @ Import Eyedea Designs via Etsy! :

Its okay to be a girl and like Valentine's day. 
the coupon code is to make you feel a little less indulgent. Like we're not using Vday as an excuse to stroke our inner pretty pretty princess. I say Do it Up, no matter what man woman cat or hand made bauble strikes your fancy. Balances out the whole period once a month thing.

By the way that little fella is valid and acceptable til Jan 31st. So step lively.

Valentine's Day on the upswing in about a month or so and not that I'm Zales or anything but the Import Eyedea Shop does possess a heart pendant or two ( okay 7). Fun colorful & certainly a non traditional approach at what goes pitter patter when that certain someone goes by.

Colorful Heart Pendant with Shells
Gold Curb Chain Wrapped Heart with Shells
Actually one of said hearts got included in an online treasury which was sweet! And that can be found here:

My HEART Beats Everything BUT ReD by DianeH

The gorgeous works of the woman kind enough to select my hearts: SparklesByDianne

The Etsy community rocks =)

In other relevant news yesterdays trip to the HL yielded earring supplies as well as bails to mount ....(drum roll)..... Heart Pendants! So I should probably be doing that.

Rangers @ 7, Restock fever & NEW FRIDGE coming to the Rockafeller tomorrow. I will not be here but my Manly Gentleman Friend of course is more than prepared to handle that anyway. 

Now you understand the source of my benevolent nature today. =) Just gotta keep payin' it forward 

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