Monday, January 30, 2012

Imported Eyedeas on Cranial Storms & New Ventures and Last Pictures

So Lady Birds & Gentle Gents, my somewhat unexpected hiatus from blog posts has hopefully ended. I am unfortunate to report, mostly because sick is dismal, that I was under the weather and meds suck. So pretty much I'm done with that.

But in my time away from you, I have ever endeavored to find new ways to titillate and amuse and the newest perhaps may just be the best. It is, by its nature, secretive - its technically a business venture and we're working on prototypes!- but I couldn't keep this from you completely! So know this: the cranial storming right now is Level 5 and the results will be epic!

Since I can't tell you what, I can tell you why.

Because I wanted to design something that helps people share what is real and heartfelt about friendship. Because I have been fortunate enough to know what true friendships are based on and why they are so valuable in a world like this. Because I wanted to create something people haven't seen before yet resonates as though its been with you your whole life.

Ok in other news! some exciting new pictures and new designs that will be landing on the Import Eyedea page this week:

As you can see, I'm keeping the Heritage motif alive with the gold plated curb chain wrap in the pendants. The earrings continue to dangle, in mature shades of ruby red and eggplant  purple. And there was a happy marriage this winter between the bracket styling of the SuperHero series and the bohemian naturals vibe emanating from the shells.  The end result, is the crystal studded clam shells mounted on wildly hand  painted  circles! Fresh and lightweight its sure to add a unique type of energy to your spring and summer this year!

The individual pendants are mounted on 18k bails for extra love & long term wear! The shell bracket piece is mounted with handmade copper wire  bails.

Keep it friendly people... and healthy (use hand sanitizer!)

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