Friday, January 6, 2012

Imported Eyedea Behind a Lens: Bits o the new photogs....

Bountiful Eve! Rangers win, in glorious fashion with Overtime perfection from one Marion Gaborik. Also a successfully cooked meal and some properly edited photography. Up on the count for today.

I have however plum done gone run myself outta' verbage. Was a long a tedious day of informing people how they could liven up their vocal experiences. Kudos especially to the gent who knew and understood our use of 'Plethora' . English is the game everyone can play.

Enough talk, more pictures. More entries from the White Box, also this time much better editing
As always your words, my gold, so deposit down there in the comments as to how these make you feel.

Hopefully this weekend is prototypes. Altho, I've never made one before so we'll see.

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