Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Imported Eyedea Aural Sensation: Let me Introduce you to Dessa

to the girl you'll spend all of 2012 in love with

Her name is Dessa.
She is lyrically brilliant and sounds like gorgeousness should.
This album entitled Castor, the Twin dropped in October and I was slow to the draw. thankfully, one Miss Kelly Obrien was kind enough to clue me in.
Doomtree Records, in case your interested has a plethora of similarly talented folk.

Hook yourself with up with this for now and make haste towards tracking down her stuff via Itunes

here's why

***IE add on 1/22****

More of the lyrical sweetness and melodious bacchanalia can be located here: http://www.doomtree.net/

In other news, hope your Twenty One Two is shapin' up as curvaluscious and fine as it ought be. We just found out we're approved for new windows so pretty much life at the Rockafeller is as skippy as skippy does.

Blowin' it your way, so breathe in the good vibes!

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