Friday, December 30, 2011

Import Eyedea's Tata to 2011: Eve o' the Eve

Well loves & lovelies, it looks 2011 is headed for the dumpster, and since we were all there I won't bother with the Recaps. 

Suffice to say a plethora of dead terrorists, bad politicians, uplifting stories of human triumph and heroism round it out to say the least.

I say Onward and Upward! I say Viva la Return of 90's Fashion!

Now don't paint me wrong people, I'm as big a fan of kaleidoscopic colors and big hair as anybody. But at my roots, I am truly a student of all that was gory, grungy, distressed and sexy about the early 90's. 

Perhaps you missed out? Here's a few things to get your toukas up to speed.

Heavy Influences:

Kate Moss. and "Heroin chic"
 Kurt Cobain, MTV unplugged
East Coast vs West Coast
ck One perfume ads
No MAAM, and pretty much every Married with Children

So how best to pay homage to the spirits that passed beforehand, graciously showing us the way, no matter how dysfunctional, cool or disinterested it may seem?

Fashionably speaking, it appears the return of florals and glitter also announce a more subtle change in the air. (Member Peggy Bundy's perennially sexy housewife wear?) The ambi-sexual attitude of most 2000 thus far, is she a he and vice versa is driving women in droves back towards the lady like details we we've desperately shied away from. Think silohouettes and A line skirts.

Have a look at Anna Sui Spring Runaway
great examples of lady like florals and feminine details, hats, lace and the like.
need I say more about L'Wren Scotts Headmistress Redux? To die for is enough I think

Kaboom! That's pretty much all you need to know before the stroke of 2012 isn't it.

Next episode is a serious conversation about Head Injuries. If only I can remember what I wanted to say.

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