Friday, December 16, 2011

Import Eyedea's Workshop:Touch Ups & Such

This week became a lot about White Boxes, DayJob Drama, and hours on legs that are uncomfortably perpendicular to the ground. Jewelry, for you the time spent on my knees and slack jawed has whole new meaning.

White Boxes being the Hallmark of classy photography and such, I gave it a whirl. You can also interpret that statement to mean I know nothing about merchandising and displaying things to the public. Etsy, you kidder. I knew I was going to need two hands for this.

My White Box, if you're wondering is currently comprised of envelops, a used USPS shipping box (small square size), a Glenlivet on the rocks glass (empty-wah wah) and my extremely functional 9 year old $12 desk lamp. All of those things are reason in and of themselves for there not to be an actual picture of that. It ain't pretty folks. 

Butttt--- pictures from Said White Box--- those are a go! And again, apologies for the layout issues, as per our introducion! this is not the week I delve further into Blogger. Its bad enough I haven't even somuchas touched Tumblr today. My social media pets may starve to death for attention. Hopefully they'll survive until Import Eyedea's flys solo on its own keyboards.

Ah. digression. Here's the stuff you'd probably prefer:

 No don't squint they all appear as though taken with different cameras, in different locales, or perhaps just not the same box. I'm working on the editing of things... I can't always help that I prefer 
certain tints in backgrounds of certain shades. 

By all means dish to me in the comments section about the which end of the scale these fall on . I'd love to share the D J drama with you but I've got to get some heating pads on my legs so tomorrow we can start earrings.

In case you're wondering about all the lascivious joking that's occurring such with anatomy and positioning and all- please know its all in good fun to take the sting out of some very necessary yet uncomfortably contrived positioning photography requires here. Unprofessional doesn't begin to cover it. Thankfully my health insurance  knee braces and some advil should cover it.

Toujours dahhhlings!

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