Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Import Eyedea's Open Invite: By all means, please have something to say!

this is me acting as the proverbial target. In this case, seeing as that I offer myself up, I'll take whatever ya' got. PMS or not, I'd like to know how you feel. Honestly.

There may be a bonus feature later on today, so don't hold back! I give extra points for honesty!

ok haven't quite tweaked my layout abilities...sorry for your troubles =)

Anyway have at and right around 5:30 I'll be back to post the reward for you delicately savored opinions =)


  1. Hey KT,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. As for feedback on your blog, I really like your blog colors! I think the actual blog post space is a bit too narrow, but maybe that was something you were going for? Your pictures are good and I really like your unique pendants.

    I'll post a link on my blogroll or maybe I should create a new links category and link to your blog there... Anyway, thanks again for stopping by my blog and commenting and I hope my feedback helps you in any way! :)


  2. Your quite welcome! Your blog made me jealous =) Its soooo well done!

    Yea this is definitely a work in progress haha...I'll try to fix the layout later on tonight!

    Thanks for the support!!

  3. You're welcome!

    And, well, I've had my blog for quite a few years... It's been a work in progress since then! Hehe. Only recently have I set a focus for my blog.

    Btw, I created the links on the side (top right of my blog) myself. Feel free to borrow them or I can make some for you. :)



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