Sunday, December 11, 2011

Import Eyedea's Workshop + Weapon Like Ear Magic

found these spiky little devils kicking around on

classy spot if you even a moment of time worth sacrificing to the bejeweled and the aesthetically pleasurable.

There's something inherently daring about wearing an earring that looks like a substitute for carrying Mace. I believe the Fashionistas with Pedigree (read: College degrees) would probably attribute that to the Redux on all things 40's and Noir? Bonus points if I'm wrong and you're brave enough to correct me.

Original Eyedea

I have my own offerings of the Skinny, dangling variety. Nothing so deliciously metallic in basis but still. 
My untrained Eye-dea looks something like this instead

 Because I'm not advocating violence my Skinnies end in sexy crystal drops designed to disarm predator and prey alike through blinding. Utilize in: bright sunlight, dimly lit bars, anywhere else you think leather on the ears is appropriate.

More though, like a cat o nine tails perhaps? These weren't intended for swinging, so if you need Defense at your next fine dining affair talk to....anybodyotherthanus.

Facts or fiction on the subject? Tell me about it =) You know how

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