Sunday, December 11, 2011

Imported Eyedea Introduces the Christmas Ninja!

Last ye-ahhhh, I was the proud recipient of a British Blue Hair kitty for Christmas. My older sister Erin, is a rockstar like that. I say rockstar because I'm 27 (now) and this be the first kit I've ever lived with. Kind of a milestone. or not, I guess if you don't love cats.

So This is Ninja! Who so gracefully earned her name through a penchant for hiding behind an item of furniture, running out to deliver a 1-2 Combo to your legs, and then running back. Liiiiiike a Ninja! on a mission.

Obviously we feed her. A lot. For something weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs, she is quite vocal about the feeding. White Oceanfish & Tuna of the whiskas variety. She's particular- Seafood only for her.

And yes Ninja! is always spelled with an ! You have to pronounce the accent. 

Not sure anything could top her as a present....but I guess we'll find out mwah-hah-ha

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