Saturday, December 10, 2011

Import Eyedeas: Colorful Heart Attack & Tumblr Confession

should I not tell my blogspot? Is it cheating?

I prefer honesty in a relationship-- why live a lie? So here's the ole' Tim Tumbla' facts:

very simple to operate which for me is clutch. because I'm a techno caveman. and last month i got a cellphone, altho most of you would think it was an antique and therefore not functional. sue me. I'm really quite comfortable here in 1978.

Jokes aside, I'm catching up I really am.I don't know. Post Christmas life with my own laptop, not one I'm splitting with someone who works full time from home( yep do the math on that digital time keeper and you'll see its not much) is going to be blissful magic. 
And I'll be posting every thirty seconds or so. I'm sure that will help somewhat.

For now, just sample this and let me know? Colorful Heart Attack cause right now I'm sitting in a puddle of afternoon sunshine. Thanks, your vociferous ability to critique  is always appreciated!

Rainbow Heart full of Shells
Ambitious Mastermind Bottlecap

Love You  necklace

from my color luhvin' soaked heart to yours!

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