Sunday, December 4, 2011

Imported Eyedea Sunday Best: Sunday Morning Jam Party with Whitney H.

which is somewhat inaccurate because b-fast this morning is definitely fresh fruit and pancakes.

But this photo is pretty much my motivation to live for this week... the blonde hair, the  2 tone eye shadow, the dangling sparkling earrings that offset an extremely lowcut body suit... Thank you Whitney. 

Before the crack thing, it was acceptable to say W.H was inspiring. I'm bringing it back.

Goals for this upcoming week:
1. Eyeshadow every day, festively. This is something I did as a pup but gave up upon procuring a man. I'll be honest I've been slack. We'll start tomorrow with a subtle mauve and peach combo with a gold highlight a la Ms.Houston. You'll see how it goes.

2. Tying down the Pixie for a hair appointment so I can make my messes look like those yellow blonde tresses up top. I have refrained from hair bleach for almost 24 months. LET MY CURLS GO FREE!!!!!

3. Spread Holiday Cheer. This means writing my Christmas Cards and detailing somesort of webby promo for the Ho Ho Holidays (See I'm practicing?)

Any ideas on how you want your free? Get @ me and fast before I figure it out on my own and it sucks.

ok one more thing before we go for the day.

Get your Dance on People, We're Burning Daylight over here

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