Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Imported Eyedeas On Social Media:Tweet Me A Love Story

at least that's how I felt upon arriving home today! The mostest visits Import Eyedea Designs has gotten in a day to date... and It definitely put a big ole' fat one on my face. And I know a lot of it is Twitta' affection so I appreciate that.

Can't believe I forgot to include Elizabeth Taylor in the bombshell series! Had a stunning revelation of that nature this AM and its been irking me ever since. So as soon as humanly possible I have to do a bit of work  to secure some good pictures for that. Also I'm unsure whether or not its beating the proverbial pony to do one of an Egyptian theme. We'll see. Don't want any kitschy-ness ruining  a good idea.

Tonight, following the bombshell theme, I'm going to tweek the Ann Margeret a bit. Also possibly mount the Rita Hayworth but I might wait for a better color shot.

that would be Anna Nicole in pink and Raquel Welch in gold.

*****side bar added 11/30---- the Victoria's Secret Fashion show was last nite! Bombshells all around!*******

Pucker Up D-ohhhhl-ll Face! 

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