Thursday, April 25, 2013

Self Deprecation: Its What's For Breakfast!

Hectic. Chaotic. 

 I'll be honest this post was sponsored by a banana smoothie and not a lot of sleep. I set a new record last week for not cooking dinner, (oops) which I also trumped by completing said record in the same week my fiance's father is in town. Let's clarify: He's staying in our home. Is is not socially acceptable to feed your house guests from styrofoam boxes?

Trick question, Import Eyedea doesn't really do socially acceptable!

So seriously though, now that my work schedule isn't a million hours in one week, and I've rustled up enough grub to prove myself a culinary savant, I can go back to freakin' out about the upcoming street fairs, flea markets and craft shows that populate the Summer calender season. 

Here's one of the preparatory steps:

The next important step? Sorting through 5 tackle boxes of pendants and earrings that haven't been listed on my Etsy shop or at the Art Riot Shop. Yea. 5. I've been a busy girl this winter. Sort of.

Why am I not a millionaire you ask? Why with an obviously burgeoning inventory can I not get my shegatz together and make some sales?

I'll be honest with you here. Painfully obvious in fact. I'm a procrastinating coward.

Woof, out loud that sounds even worse than I thought it would. But it is in fact truth. My worst 2 qualities as a human have got to be my neverending ability to wait stuff out and that inner voice that's riddled with self loathing.

In some instanc es, they are in fact useful. I can scale down a shopping trip at Wal Mart or the Mall to just bare essentials, simply by consulting my Inner Cricket and letting him ream me over the thought of spending too much money. My Patience as well has enabled me to survive many a long day/tedious customer/awkward situation.

But unfortunately, when it comes to Entrepreneurial endeavors they can be a sort of Doubled Edge Sword of Death when it comes to taking the next step.

So why puke this to the Interwebs at large, and namely at you Raed Redear? Because there's no time to change like the present. And if there's anything that I've learned from the horrible nature of last week's tragedies, both in Boston and Texas, its that nothing is promised to us. 

Self deprecation may have been for breakfast, but here's what I'm serving myself for dinner: a healthy dose of Can Do. From here on out, taking charge for me will mean doing so immediately. Embracing possibility instead of fearing it. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Let's leave it on a mix of Picasso and your own brilliant viewpoint on the subject; I'll quote Picasso, You tell me what drives you  nuts about yourself.  =) Or maybe you're perfect and you're here to help me fix said shegatz. 

Either way thanks for the listen

Only put off until tomorrow what you are 

willing to die having left undone   (picasso)

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