Friday, April 26, 2013

Dangle with Me Doll

just some of the summer stuff I've been preppin'... plop a comment or two down below if you feel so inclined ;)

Summer is the perfect time for sunny splashes of yellow & orange, natural chunks of turquoise and shoulder dusting chains! There's a hint of Art Deco too with those silver & coin dangles, as well my modern take on classic pearls; purple and pink chain add just the right amount of playful!

Wish I had more time to edit some photos-- I have a ton more pieces that I could show you-- but I am pooped! Haven't had a full day off in a coupla' weeks, so after a delicious cup of peach green tea I am hitting the hay! 

Twinkle On Little Stars 
You Could Be the Light Someone Wishes their Wishes Upon!

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