Sunday, October 21, 2012

Import Eyedea Designs 1st Birthday!

So its been one full year since Import Eyedea Designs opened up shop on Etsy. And although it moved pretty quickly I cannot deny the power of the impact its had on my life.

Oh yea, pshwa, numbers. 3 sales so far off the actual Etsy site. But the exposure I received actually led me to an opportunity to sell in an up and coming brick and mortar store in my area, from which I've made 6 additional sales! Not to mention the ego boost! 

Its also helped push my design aesthetic in new and more challenging directions. The ability to see the pieces I've made displayed professionally has led me to some realizations about the overall image I  want to present. In an odd way cohesively building a shop helped me to realize exactly what it was missing!

Above all else as a marketplace, Etsy is a community of people. And like any community there will agreements, dissents, success and failures. For me, simply taking part in the daily ups and downs has been truly eye opening. 
While for some changes have been overwhelming and in some cases damaging. But for me the learning process continues and I am grateful to learn from the experiences of those willing to share.

So yes like the sign says, I'll be celebrating with a Free Shipping Discount until November 9th
 Plug in the word:


at checkout and get free shipping! And since the Holidays are right around the corner, any purchases made between now and November 9th will receive an extra special coupon code to use during December! 
***Bonus coupon will be included with your purchase when you receive it in the mail!***

Can't thank you all enough for the support! 
Import Eyedea Designs always has an ear to the ground for you and your opinion so keep 'em coming. 

Bottom's up Lovelies- this one's on Us =)


  1. Wow congrats on the 1 year! Here's to another successful year for you lovely!


  2. Thanks so much it went by so fast


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