Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Saturday Blog Post!

...or maybe I'm just beatin' the ole' Enthusiasm drum a bit hard this morning. Its a problem I know.

Its pretty bad that a Hamburger Helper commercial @ 10 am  will make my stomach grumble. Apparently something culinary needs be accomplished. Luckily, this is NY and there are bagels for that.

Also in News today, I hope to tackle the Fred and Ginger pendant I've been exerting mental drool over. There's a quote to go with it but I dare not share that just yet. I will try to post the Mood Board I created for it. Altho its not much like a real time Mood Board. Which I wouldn't know if one smacked me in the tukas but hey ya' know.

Untrained and unsupervised people WACHALE! I hear that yelled in commercial Kitchens alot so ya' know

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