Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday Spoils, Also I Always Need More Beads

So I got old yesterday, moreso I guess than every other day? Technically speaking I'm probably at a point where I shouldn't even be discussing age, let alone encouraging you to consider mine.

27, by the way.

Keith, being the Romeo I've known him to be, sprang to the occasion with a beautiful Ecko coat. This turned out to not be the present. He asked me to go the store, to check and make sure I didn't want a different coat.

Don't swoon, I'm not done yet.

He then shopped with me for an hour, even though I really liked the first coat. And we found a better one. Apple Bottom, Red with Gold Hardware, detachable fur lined hood. Buncha adorable pockets, zippers, and other places I can hide beads in. If It wasn't 60 degrees I'd rock that like a showgirl.

And my Pixie Partner in Crime dazzled me at work with balloons, a ginormous bag of goodies  including a handmade collage and ice cream cake and a salon gift certificate cause she's hawwwt like that. So thank heaven you people won't have to see that disaster my hair's been lookin' like for the last 18 months any longer. Plus we get to have a girlie day and do nails and hair so that's something I'm def looking forward too.

Also I got long distance Ichat sang too by two of our bestie PV'rs.... Lil D and Frix! So that made my life complete .

Did someone say BEADS? Because by beads I meant really amazing blackish purplish blueish greenish AB finish rounds and ovals!!! Ok Ok I know the pictures I'm working on it.

Just be excited for the holiday dazzlment to follow when I turn them into the best leather lace drop earrings ever.

C'mon now y'all, swing me round do si do Its Never too Late for a Little Bday Line Dancing!

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