Sunday, April 29, 2012

Import Eyedea Designs: Shell Pendants

When marine life started popping up as a modifier to everyday fashion, the inner girl child of me got all Sea World dolphin and proceeded to back flips. For a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to: trips to the aquarium, various aquatic pets like turtles and fish, and lastly but not least the poster of Shells that was on my bedroom door for approximately 13 years.

I've also been threading shells into my pendants for the last year or so, as the Resin journey continues. I've found the durability of resin really secures the shells beyond their natural fragility, without obscuring their natural features.

Although you may not consider some of these pieces the most natural incarnations of a mollusk, you can certainly see the origin.

 all pendants pictured here exclusively created by Import Eyedea Designs. please credit them accordingly.
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 Not available for sale just yet... but there's a secret coming in 3 short weeks! And it will involve saleability options for the Import Eyedea Designs shop like never before!

Off in search of a traditional Sunday breakfast in the Valley... fresh NY bagels with Cream Cheese. 

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