Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Imported Eyedeas on Alpaca Jackets & A Real Live Buffalo SoldierYour Local Butcher

Let's put it this way, the two are not mutually exclusive. 

This g-aw-geous NY morn has rewarded me with 2 pretty spectac things. The first being copious pools of sunlight spilling through the windows of my house-- Nothing amps me up more =)

The 2nd is the fantastic Article about local butcher shops & the return of locally grown farmers being able to sell their meat more directly to the public. If you're saying to yourself what is this craziness she speaks of? Think of it this way:

Rich people do not go to JCPenney and buy off the rack. They go direct to the Designer and have a sit down.

Imagine how much better your meat could be if instead of buying it "off the rack" (styro tray, what have you). Not to mention in this day and age, the less processed your food, the less long term risk it possesses to your health. So think of how many less additives and solutions your Steak could go through before it hits your plate? See you feel better already.

And while those of you with Veggie Tendencies may disagree, I respectfully believe the beginning of the end of this massive wave of Obesity in the the US is a return to a real understanding of what food is. And like most things, that starts with getting educated, either by doing the work yourself, or talking to someone who has.

Get the real low down here:Etsy Blog: The Local Butcher Shop

And what better to compliment an a story on the return to sustainable food sources like an Alpaca Jacket with Bob Marley on it?

Well you're in luck, Loves and Lovelies because here is one such Alpaca Jacket, aptly modeled by one Steven S.(the S is for "Sorry I'm taken"), who happens to be the freshest of co workers. He is a true Buffalo Soldier and maintains his credibility on the regular by keeping posted on key factuals such as: 
1) The Roots will be at Mountain Jam this Summer 2012
2) Ben Folds Five will be at Mountain Jam this summer 2012 
3) This incredible Alpaca Jacket can be purchased in the Native American shop located in (our) Local Mall: the Poughkeepsie Galleria. working on a web address there.

James Dean cool, but James Franco friendly

True Buffalo Soldier

Steven recommends 2 things: 1) get fresh air! 2)  Buy Alpaca!
Bob Marley Alpaca Jacket, bandana, blue jeans, Tye Dyed T: provided by Model

Despair not! Spring is right around the corner and with it, a plethora of glorious days perfect for lightweight Alpaca wear! where should you wear it? Here of course!

Get back on it people, the Horse ain't handin' out engraved invitations!


  1. i have one since 2009,the yellow color!

  2. Ooo send me a pic, I'd love to find some more of these!


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